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Hotel PMS Integration

Integrate Hotel WiFi with your PMS system and automate billing for your guests

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Post Charges to the Guest Room

Customer chooses username, password, price plan (like 7 days Internet) and confirms the identity with a room number and personal details.

If successful, Internet is enabled and payment is added on provided room number, and customer will see this charge in your PMS.

System can be configured to provide free access (no charge), to apply complimentary plan to member or loyalty guests, or provide list of available plans so user can choose and pay.

Supported Hotel PMS interfaces:

Oracle Opera PMS and Fidelio Suite8 PMS (IFC Part Number 5009-313)

  • IDS Fortune Next
  • Medallion
  • Protel
  • InnQuest
  • ICG
  • Clarity

  • King Smart
  • TCA POS Innsist
  • Sabre SynXis Property Manager
  • Skyware Systems
  • Rover PMS
  • Synergex RCC
  • Execu/Tech HOTEL Premium
  • Agilysys Visual One/rGuest Stay
  • AutoClerk MyHMS
  • BookingCenter MyPMS
  • Cenium PMS
  • Cimso INNkeeper
  • Consolidated Resorts PMS Cornerstone
  • Enablez ResortSuite
  • Guestline and RezLynx
  • Hotelogix PMS
  • Hyatt Vacation Ownership
  • RSI RoomKey
  • RoomKey Express
  • iHotelligence Hotel Management Software
  • INN-Client Server System ATRIUM
  • INNfinity Hospitality Systems
  • innRoad
  • LogiSoft Positive PMS
  • MAiS Fidelity
  • NorthWind Maestro PMS
  • Mingus HOTELLO
  • MSI CloudPM
  • RezStream Professional

Combine free Hotel WiFi with paid faster access

Hotel WiFi software helps you offer free trial Internet access and convert your customers into paid subscribers.

Once the customer is satisfied, he can sign-up for the higher level account without restrictions.

Ability to offer paid upgrade is very important, as business users or those needing video streaming will not be satisfied with your free-level service.

On contrary, users needing only simple services as browsing or Email access would appreciate a free offer, and be loyal to your main services.

Entire process is automated, and follows the rules you specify:

  • Duration of the free trial

  • Number of logins per day

  • Available bandwidth quota

  • Download and upload rate

  • Time of day when free access is available and much more…


Cloud or On-Premise

Best of Both Worlds

In-use by major hotel chains for more than a decade, our Hotel WiFi solution is the only high-performace Windows based solution available. We are the only company that can offer both Cloud WiFi and On-Premise Server based Hotspot solution worldwide.


  • Your server running software

  • Server required with 2 network cards

  • One time payment

  • Controls connected network (like hotel)

  • Each network requires separate server

  • Hardware: Any access-point

  • Exclusive on-premise private use

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  • Cloud platform managed by us

  • No initial hardware cost (except routers)

  • Subscription (monthly payment)

  • Controls any connected router

  • Worldwide deployment, easily scalable

  • Hardware: Routers with Radius support

  • Centralized management and updates

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